Thursday, January 10, 2019

Bull bullet: Putin says all the pension reform options seem unwanted with them.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he and government officials dislike all the suggestions to increase the retirement age, but without pension reform, Russia had to face a serious crisis.
"It is definitely a very sensitive issue for a large number of our citizens. Apart from this, the question was not just yesterday; Putin talked to a group of volunteers in a stadium at Clingding, Friday on Friday.
"I have encountered this question before and even today I still face it: in which I like different [pension fixtures]. I do not like any of those who retirement age Additionally, and I assure you that there are some people in the government, if someone, who likes such options, "said Putin, RIA Novosti said.
The President also said that if the pension rules do not change, the situation will soon worsen. "Now we have five pensioners for our six pension workers, but the end of the end will fall, and the number of workers in a few minutes will be equal to the number of pensioners and then it will be more." At this time, Either the entire pension system will be broken or it will be a state reserve fund that we are currently using to cover pension deficit, "said Putin.
On Friday, the State Doma, for the first time, read a bill, approved that men in the retirement age would be 60 to 65 years old and women from 55 to 63. The last date for the project plan is for men 2028, and for 2034 women.
Bill's first reading in the state doma was dedicated to its general imagination and basic ingredients, and during the second reading, legislators will discuss various occasions, modifications and movements. State Duma Speaker Vishushcharwal Waldudev said on Friday that the Labor and Social Policy Committee decided to complete the pension refrigeration bill two months before completing the second reading.

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