Thursday, January 10, 2019

Duma's defense chief says Russia can respond with military force on Syrian strike

The former president of the Democratic Republic of the Democratic Republic of Congo and former Russian Air Force president said that Moscow would take all necessary steps, including the US government's face-to-face attacks on Syria.
"The two principles that destroyed all boundaries were banned, and at that time the United States party should be politically obliged to take all political and political steps, if necessary." The White Army of the State Paras said Tuesday "to meet." He added that "no legal action will be resolved," he said.
Russia's president said Americans should not expect "their military groups and hundreds of names". We are a free world, the Syrian organization and its neighbors are involved in the affairs of Syria. "
Between spokesperson Shammanov Donald Trum, he met Monday with military officers in security. The United States president said that "a major decision" would be made in Syria from 24 to 48 hours.
" "We have many military opportunities and we will meet you again as soon as possible."
Syria and the Russian government refused to get involved in any chemicals in the city of rebels of Duma. Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, said on Tuesday his government invited the delegates to investigate Duma and the search for chemical weapons worldwide.
Russia plans to form independent independence elections as well as Syrian Army, as well as Syrian Army, to revise the search for Syrian scholars. United Nations spokeswoman for Russia and Neilenzia stressed in his statement that Moscow was ready for the defense of the China Weapons Protection Agency (OPCW), which allegedly attacked the website ....

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