Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Elias, UFOs and Big Fits (probably) are also trying to hack the American political system

It seems that every day a US wants a piece of democratic process in the United States. However, these interrupted outsiders know that this system was "hack" many years ago.
Hans Christian Anderson, in the popularity of famous Emperor by the Emperor's new clothes, two entrepreneurs say he promises to make new Emperor's new clothes, only fools or disrespecters who will be hidden for them. In fact, do not make woven clothes. A person could see clearly in the eyes of the king in the eyes of the king, as a fool, thinking loudly, a boy said, "The courage to say," the exhilarating joy of the assets asserted.
In the modern American version of this story, in order to recognize any of the tragic truth, the fear of the homeland, and the invasion of the United Kingdom, is hostile to the United States, the influence of an American government in the world. The power to measure. No choice But let's not ruin an amazing fairy story.
Tom Bolton's national security adviser John Bolton warned the end of the week that the next Middle East election in the United States could be a single 2018 target not just one but four international enemies, Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. After eliminating national security concerns, Bolton did not give evidence of supporting this claim.
Meanwhile, Yelen Farkas, the senior Fellow in the Atlantic Council, grants the conspiracy theory that Russia's mind is pirating pirate when he wrote in the sea. "Facebook has detected it detected and created more than 30 linked pages linked to Russia." The United States closed down as part of a campaign to influence Middle East elections. "

Farkas's readers did not give a complete explanation in Atlantic's speech as I tell: First of all, Facebook itself has no idea who was behind the publication of Facebook, admitted saying "there are not all facts." Secondly, the Atlantic Council, for which Farkas has spread out the spread of the world's wasted vision, is now a partnership with Facebook, "Insight and real-time updates on threats and allegations disclosure of disaster information worldwide. " Speaking of "Risk", it launches a document in the style of Dr. Strangelove in July 2016, for the "aggressive cyber acts" against the Russian grid Russian targets in Moscow Metro, St. Petersburg, including the same group. And Russian state media like the RT. "
To influence the United States's vote, do not they have any idea how they would get out of touch with the voice? Yes, some default social media ads are invested with just $ 100,000, you can also combine the results of the multi million dollar political system in America!
Uncle Mail, Remember Between Turkey and Filling, Remembering when you gave a lecture on finer points of political theory remember the last thanksgiving attended the dinner and you will be wasted your vote for the candidate's support. Did you come from a distance to change your mind? maybe not. Or what about the last argument on Facebook with your friend or unusual relative about the presidential election results of 2016? Most people will send an unusual "friend" to those days that looks like clashes with them. This is because the most difficult things to change in the world are opinion because some people are being proven otherwise. However, we hope Vladimir Putin and the Russians have searched for secret robots to direct access to lobby in the United States, resulting in playing with national psychiatrists.

Actually, people like Evelyn Farkas really care about the condition of American democracy, then they will spend their time and reflect the amount of money analyzing the American political system's organizational structure. The truth is, how can anyone talk about "foreign interference" in our election? A virtual impossible, by the way, because voting machines are not connecting to the internet to affect the consequences of those competitions while spending thousands of millions of mega-rich corporations and mega-rich?
Consider 2016 presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Group out, the wheels of democracy reported the center for accepting approximately 7 billion dollars spent greasy grease. It is not only a new record in election expenses 2012. However, more than $ 300 million is more than the election, the Atlantic Council and the politicians admit some Russians to some Russian Facebook ads even Zuckerberg. They are worried about that they had no effect on the election.

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