Thursday, January 10, 2019

'Foreign competition': Russian foreign minister stressed US efforts to stop Turkey's S-400 agreement

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has expressed US threats to stop sanctions on Turkey if he buy Russian S-400 aircraft as blackmail and try to secure the market for American companies.
"Mr Mitchell said that there is a risk of being subject to restrictions on Ankara," Lauraov said. If US companies go beyond the purchase of S-400, US companies are unfair in the market competition. A common example of the purpose of blackmail with the intention of gaining is. After a discussion with Austrian Foreign Minister Crane Cousin at a Friday press conference.
Russia's Foreign Minister referred to in a statement by the US Assistant Secretary of State Voice Mitchell earlier this week. Ankara should be in danger of risking Moscow's strategic discount in order to achieve its strategic objectives in Syria. Ankara claims that Russia has agreed to buy a Russian S-400 missile system, which can potentially undermine restrictions under the CAATSA section 231 and may affect the Turkish participation in the F 35 program. "Mitchell said in a speech in front of House Foreign Affairs Committee.
Earlier, according to the US and other NATO officials, the authorities used the S-400 system to discuss NATO communication and cause problems of enterprise.
He also indicated that if the agreement is carried out, Ankara has to face restrictions, which are signed by the US law enforcement agencies (CAATSA), which have been signed in August and in particular, the Russian weapons To stop import
Last December, Moscow and Ankara Russia's S 400 trainer signed a $ 2.5 billion agreement on the purchase of anti-aircraft systems (NATO reporting SA-21 GزرLER).
More than 400 complex items in Turkmenistan will start in early 2020. However, while talking to Turkish Foreign Minister Olive Kausollo during this month, Sergey Lavrov announced that Moscow was ready to meet Ankara's demand to accelerate delivery. Weapons

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