Thursday, January 10, 2019

I sown with a pumpkin shotgun near my bed: Putin shows Russia's details in 1990.

President Vladimir Putin protected the fireworks in Russia during the 1991 pro-reform reform, and even considered to be working as a taxi driver, the president revealed in an interview. .
These reports appear in a documentary about Putin made by Russian journalists Andrei Kondrovov. In the film, one of the president's friends, famous cello player Sergey Roldugin, said that Putin used to keep a firearm near his bed during the 1990s.

In an interview for the documentary, the Russian leader said the modern crime drama was ready to eliminate the level of lawlessness in the country, but said "Generally, the situation was quite militant."
"In my country's home, I had to pump a shotgun near my bed, that's true, but it was over again - to stay better than sorry," he said.
The President also revealed that he thought of working as a taxi driver after his friend and guardian on one side, Anatoly Sobok lost the 1996 elections in St. Petersburg. "I thought of doing the job, maybe I thought of finding work as a taxi driver. I'm not joking, I had to do something, I had two small children. So, when they did Moscow I confirmed legal work on presidential staff, I agreed and moved. "

Putin repeatedly described the "shock therapy" reforms as a mistake in the 1990s, due to poverty for the majority of Russia, whereas some "selected property" got great wealth. Last year, Putin reiterated this position while speaking to the International Monetary Fund, accusing 1990's "dirty trends", which accused the richest among the wealthy and poor Russian citizens.

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