Thursday, January 10, 2019

Nitaniah's photo of the Soviet Jewish WWII hero in Moscow's immoral regulation March in Moscow (photo)

Benamen Nantiau reminded the people who joined thousands of foreign regiment marches in the Red Square of Master, to remember the fight in WWII. The Israeli Prime Minister took a picture of the hero of the Soviet-Jewish war, Walphas Welksex.
Nitaniah participated in the Parade Day of Russia along with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Serbian President Alexander Wake.
Israeli Prime Minister did not take photographs of any of his senses, instead of the Red Army chief, for the photo of Walfass Welksex. Lithuania-born Jewish Wellsexs was a commander of a legendary battalion in the four years of war, Soviet Union hero, the highest honor in the country, was for its brave. He spent 72 years in Bit Yam last year of his life in Israel in 1992.

The tradition of foreign regiment began in Russia this year and it has been raised as millions of people around the world on May 8 and May 9. With the pictures of his relatives, who helped to defeat the Nazis.

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