Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Not all the songs and dance: Putin also worked in the "Business-Talk" in the Austrian FM's wedding

Appearance of Austrian FM's Karen Kneissl "autographer" Vladimir Putin, but he did not stop them from performing a small task. He also said that his boyfriend was Judo.
Speaking to journalists after consulting with Finin's president, Saul Niinistö on Friday, Putin says "despite the event of the game" that was bad and colorful. Russia's president calls us "to speak" with Sebastian Cruise, New Zealand and Austrian Chancellor.
Putin thanked his representatives in Austria and thanked his work of praise. "I am surprised that they should take a serious position in the government, the government, but at the same time happy people are open, and they create a spirit of life and life that thanked me for giving," he said.
Putin also acknowledged that the new men who comforted him were not "foreigners".
The video was discovered after the wedding came with flowers of Putin Kneissl flowers and is now seen in front of other guests and the hottest gift of a happy German couple.
According to covetousness, Putin's increase in the wedding ceremony was in conflict with the foundations that there was a source of aggression among some journalists and opposers, even leaving certain practices. the Kneissl Prime. The call for real encouragement is that he ended up selling him with Putin.
But responding to a Christian Christian named Strache, International Foreign Minister Kneissl, because he studied high school of Vienna, Vienna, and was not "a sign of giving" but "a court" ....

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