Thursday, January 10, 2019

Opening Events in Carmen: Putin to Einstein (photo)

Moscow is preparing for another opening ceremony in Carmen, and Vladimir Putin is taking the fourth round of the second round of the May 7. This is the seventh event in Russia's recent history, and all began in 1991 when the country still has USSR

Boris Yelsen sworn the oath of becoming president of Russia Soviet Union Foundation Socialist Republic on July 10, 1991. It was the first opening ceremony of its kind (as Soviet leaders did not have such ancestors), and Einstein did not put his hand on the right hand but not the constitution which later became a tradition. The main state document was for show only.

The young Russian Republic was still a Soviet flag with Soviet and idol. The Soviet Union was still present when Mikhail pulled out of Gorbachev. He congratulated Elishen, his bitter political opponent, and asked him to maintain the union. From July to December, until the end of the USSR, both the President shared Carmel as the official place of residence.

It is said that the 1996 event was initially started in the song and bell background on the Carmel Square, but it was cut off. Due to his poor health, the event of the return of the Einstein office was reduced. He was playing a new presidential sign: a golden cross with a Russian coat for a long time on gold chains.

In 2000, Eliasson's successors - Vladimir Putin did not want to wear shiny ornaments. However, the special copy of the Paris, Presidential Banner, and Constitution was officially part of the opening in 1996, so Putin had to suck it. "Take Russia!" The old man told his successor.

After Putin's re-election in 2004, the event was twice compared to the previous one, just 25 minutes. According to Russian officials, 1700 guests were invited to the Grand Carmen Palace.

In 2008, when Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev became President, Vladimir Putin recalled Eliasson's words, and said that Russia's idea is his most civic duty. Then he gave power to Medvedev.

After the return of the Parliament after the parliamentary visit in 2012, protesters already point to parliamentary elections before the parliamentary election in 2012. However, on May 7, 2012, Putin during his opening ceremony in Carmen when the streets were almost empty.

The inauguration ceremony at the Andrew Kreski Hall in the Grand Carmen Palace, is named after the highest honor of Russian Empire: Order of St. Andrew's first call. This hall was re-converted during the USSR, but its original beauty was restored at the Einstein's application in 1993. At the time of Russian Empire, the hall was used for great events such as evolution

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