Tuesday, January 8, 2019

'Our time of building protects itself, the Russian government is angry,' NATO says after Putin's statement - but is it?

NATO claims that its war strategy in eastern Europe is good because it protects Russian power. Any Russian work, however, is covered by the border boundary of the U.S., which is thought to have been made over Moscow.
"NATO's actions protect, adequately and adequately in terms of our global commitment," spokeswoman Oana Lungescu told Reuters, about NATO troops. He also added that Alliance's power in eastern Europe "can not be compared to Russian-speaking groups" in the west.
This agreement was provoked by Russian words Russian President Vladimir Putin, who destroyed NATO by building his military forces to the Russian gate. "We do not use our forces outside our NATO countries, which is the NATO culture that persists in our goals," Putin told the Church's journalists.
It was the way these words were made as if the NATO officials were angry with them so they said that their armies were not in Russia. The picture is incorrect, since it is not clear that NATO and the military forces near Russia in the area cover the work of Russia.
At the end of last week, German documents reported that Berlin sent 800,000 Norwegian troops to prepare for an NATO brand, now called Trident 2018, and was scheduled for October-November. According to the Alliance, this work will make the use of unnecessary abuse as part of the NATO 5 Act, which involves more than 40,000 people from more than 30 countries - more than some Russian military forces have in recent years

The "fierce" wars of Russia, Zapad-2017, which led to terrorist attacks that showed that it was a "global attack" campaign, which only worried about 12 700 soldiers, seventy warriors, ten vessels and 680 cars. Sometime after Poland used the "Dragon" of 17 nations, they have the interests of the United States, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Ukraine. Evidently, a record of more than 17 Zapad troops in 2013, has about 17,000 ministers and 3,500 parts of the material.
An organization led by the United States continues to emphasize military training in eastern Europe. Within a period of no more than three months, NATO has created major regions near Russia's borders. In June, over 18,000 armed forces from 19 countries attended a two-week 'Saber Strike' study, conducted in Poland and the Baltic States. It is well organized that the use of military power is used to protect southwestern NATO.
On August 20, Latvia had a military plan for a talk that was in its area since the Baltic government gained independence. Almost 10,000 people from over 12 NATO camps offer hospitals that will end on Sunday. However, ice cream continues to say that all outside the Russian border are eager to "collect" Russia.
Since that was not enough, NATO was also his eastern European army. In his statement to Reuters, Lungescu just mentioned "4,000 troops in the east of the Alliance to avoid any cruelty" as if NATO troops were only sent to the area. She forgot to know that in recent years the United States increased the number of water life in Norway. There were also protective shelters in Poland and Romania and Cheheed Martin Aegis Ashore containers, capable of carrying bombings in Tomahawk and trucks.

In October 2017, the United States also dispatched Poland to other rooms, which succeeded in extending its eastern power to Europe to standard standards. Russian ambassador Defense Department, General General Igor Konashenkov, said at that time, US forces, who had previously lived, "remained in existence."
He added that such agreements allow US to provide trained people from the German border Rammstein in Poland for only two hours. According to the Russian Federation, NATO served as a military force in western Russia for the past five years, urging Moscow to respond.
In the meantime, Russia has not yet used government forces in the western world, without the stand of the Iskander-M missile organizations in early 2018. However, Russia is NATO and West. strongly explain that it is based on leaving behind a place. Moscow warned many times that the presence of NATO at times does not benefit any protective object in the area, and the difference is the threat of European security.

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