Thursday, January 10, 2019

Putin gives Russian citizenship to MMA Legend Jeff Munson

President Vladimir Putin has given Russian citizenship Jeff 'Samman' to Mansoon, who is named MMA player to promote his strong anti-capitalist position and Soviet legacy.
The decision, with which the Russian President had given citizenship to the 47-year-old Jeff Williamson, was published on the official portal for legal information on Tuesday. The Russian law has allowed the President to provide citizenship to foreigners in identifying their achievements or services in the country.
Consonance Professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a World Championship in Fighter and Brazil Geo-Jatsu. He is famous for his left ideas and pride for the Soviet Union's history and legacy - one of Mansonson's many tattoos is a Soviet hammer and ill ambulance, and the other is another picture of each other in which another man To shoot "Capitalism" with title.
In a 2015 interview with RT, Manson said he was "Russian spirit" in his own opinion.
For the support of Russia and its political course, Manson has given the title of the honorable citizen of the independent Republic of Abkhazia itself and has been declared himself the passport of the Lugansk People's Republic.
There is no foreign player or celebrity to get a Russian passport in the past decade. Others include French actress Jerard Deparde, American actress and martial arts legend Steve Segal, Olympic Gold Snowboard Winner Week, Boxer R. Jones Junior, Brazil's Mario-Mario Fernandes and others.

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