Thursday, January 10, 2019

Putin has shown the latest rating, popularity rating, about 50% support

Russia's President Vladimir Putin remains the most reliable Russian politician, however, on March 18 after his presidential election, his trust rating was reduced by about 7 percent in the month.
According to a survey conducted by the Russian State Public opinion Research Center VTSIOM in the middle of April, the number of people who trusted Vladimir Putin in the country's main decisions on March 17 is 55.3 percent, which is 55.3 percent.
Researchers say that ratings were almost fallen after elections: it was 53.6 percent on March 25, and it declined 51.3 percent in April, and by April 8, it was 49.3 percent.
However, the VTSIOM General Director described this phenomena in general. He explained that the people of Russia and other countries generally feel more involved in the political process when electoral campaigns get full attention and then interest in politics is lost. Agency experts also told that the reduction in dealing with negative events in classification, such as the horrific fire in the camroroo shopping mall, protest against the earth's surface in the Moscow area, and the US and its allies banned the Russian ban Protest against sanctions.
Other leaders of the public confidence rating are Defense Minister Sergey Shogo (17.2 percent) and Foreign Minister Sr. Larorov (17.4 percent). For both politicians, these figures are slightly lower than those registered in the middle of March.
Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev's fourth was 14.7 percent.
At the end of March, an independent public opinion research center Leda shows that 81 percent of Russia's Russian President Vladimir Putin is more than 76 percent as president. People who work as Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev have reached 39 to 44 percent.
Another survey released by VTSIOM in early April shows that Russia's 45 percent of Russia's expected year's recent changes are expected to make significant changes in the country. Fifty percent said that he did not expect any major change in the next 12 months, while 7 percent could not answer the question.
Among those who think Russia will face major changes in the near future, 87 percent expect that this change will improve, while 9 percent per cent are opposed.

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