Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Putin says that make GRU GRU again, turns 100 as a intelligence agency

The Russian President has announced the military intelligence agency to return to the historic name, who hit the west in the afternoon, reject American elections and get rid of two agents using chemical weapons.
On Friday, Russia's military intelligence officers celebrated their professional holidays. This year is a great history for the Central Staff of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces. This organization is known as its GRY (Main Intelligence Directory) by its Soviet times, although it has changed the year's GU year ago.
Russia's President Vladimir Putin suggested that the agency's internationally known old name should be returned. He was speaking during the celebration held at Moscow's Theater in Russia.
"It is not clear that the term 'intelligence' has disappeared. Why do not we go to the Important Intelligence Directory," Russia's proposal has been made. "
Vacations were selected after the date when the Red Army redeemed, was ordered to centralize the intelligence gathering activities under a single department of General Staff. Military name changed its name several times, eventually became the GRU in 1953. The latest change came in 2010.
Addressing Gala, Putin played in Syria in the past few years, for which he praised military intelligence, where the Russian military was helping the government to fight jihadist groups. The necessary information and important intelligence for the campaign was provided by GRU people.

Our intelligence officers, as required by Russia's military tradition, never run away and always performed their orders. In many parts of Syria, an open way to find a credit, endangerment and reconciliation for peace returns must surely go a lot in military intelligence. There is no significance of the fact that we have put a blow to the terrorists and have tried to stop their return in our area.

Putin further said that as a commander of the Russian-in-chief, he has well-informed the "unique abilities" of the GRU to organize special mission and to get intelligence for the country's leadership and To analyze
The GRE has recently had many bad presses in the West. Non-Russian intelligence (two other citizens are SVR and anti intelligence agency FSB, who have a limited mission for foreign intelligence), from three Russian agents working with their critics, the most baseless . It has been accused of being behind several high missions in the past years, which includes attempts to jump in Montenegro, including the Democratic Party's private emails and theft of Clinton Hillary Clinton, to remove the computer malware on Ukraine and of course, Try to try a former double agent with chemical weapons in Salsbury.
Moscow has denied the accusation and the Russian people are not being ignored. A recent poll opinion about the Navy-poisoned case in the UK has shown that about 80 percent of Russia knew about it, only 7% believe that Russian intelligence was involved and only 4 said that it Considered worse than its display.

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