Thursday, January 10, 2019

Putin signed a new government with all the candidates presented by Medvedev

Resident Vladimir Putin has approved all Russian candidates positions in the new Russian government, which was presented to Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev today.
The most important position in the new cabinet remains with the ministers of Ministers, such as experienced and popular foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, Finance Minister Anton Sauvanov and Defense Minister Sergey Shogo.
However, in many departments, the Ministry of Communications, the Emergency Ministry, the Environmental Ministry, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Open Government, the Ministry of Development of the Caucasus region, and the new faces including the Ministry of For-East Central.
After discussing the new government with Medvedev, Putin said "These are all the famous people who have performed well about the good-working experiences." The president also asked the Prime Minister to monitor the process of conducting the authorities as soon as possible.  ministers to our ministers' gatherings.
President Putin signed a decree last Tuesday on the details of the new government structure. The new cabinet has deployed 22 foreign ministers instead of 21, because the Department of Education and Science divided into two sections. Ministry of Telecommunication and Mass Communications, which oversees the digital sector of the economy and mass media, will be transformed into the Ministry of Digital Development. In addition, to promote the Russian trade mission exports abroad, the Ministry of Economic Development has been transferred to Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Deputy Prime Minister, who oversees oversight of national programs and implementation of the entire fields of economy, has increased more than nine to nine. However, he did not change the overall style of the cabinet because the Deputy Deputy Prime Minister collected the pledge with the Finance Minister.
Shortly after the presentation, Russian news agencies reported that Vladimir Putin approved all ministerial candidates and signed a sign on the new Russian government. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel also held a meeting on Friday, Medvedev said that the new cabinet was formed and managed to work.

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