Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Putin's positive on 'European Army' plan on 'Trump (Video) based on' Multi-Elumerator World '

Europe's commitment to Europe's own military force and defense emphasized on Europe's desire not only to understand, but the multi-linear would be "positive" for the world, Williams Tomep said on that day that it was filled day. .
"Europe ... is a powerful economic alliance and it is only natural that they want to autonomy in an independent and defense and security field." Putin told art in art where the world leaders targeted the WI endorsement.
He also called the potential creation of a European army "positive process". He further added that "the multi-petrol will strengthen the world." The Russian leader also expressed support for the French President Ammonel Maron, who recently expressed the idea that Russia's position is "attached to France" on this matter to some extent.

Macan has recently made it mandatory for the United Nations Security to restore wonderful projects to create a combined EU military force. He also said that the EU may be independent of its main component on the part of the Atlantic, angry response to Washington.
American President Donald Tomep described this idea as "very unhappy" and demanding Europe instead of the US, instead of "NATO subsidy" pay to the US. Then American and French leaders tried to eliminate the differences as they agreed on the need for "strong Europe" and "misunderstood". Said
However, he failed to agree on a deal on this issue, as Trump insisted on sharing "NATO's burden", while McNon showed that he was able to develop an idea of ​​a European power. Were not ready
Speaking about Moscow's relationship with NATO and Washington, Putin said Russia is always ready for talks, and added that the ball is in the US court. "We are not the ones who are going to get rid of the INF contract, these are Americans who plan to do so," he said, a 30-year-old arms contract to discuss Washington's plan. The option to abandon. And medium range missiles.
Russia's leader said he hopes that talks can be re-restored, at the most specialist level. He also said that Russia has recently refused to stop military exercises near NATO borders, to reduce stress, adding that Moscow "no problem with the NATO exercises." "And there is a problem with the dialogue in this sector.

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