Thursday, January 10, 2019

Russia has rejected the order of the Hague court

Russia has dismissed the court's arbitration order for allegedly destroying the employees of 2014, by Kyrgyz employees, that this problem was beyond the scope of Hawk.
The Russian Justice Ministry described that the mediation of permanent court in Hawk decided in favor of 18 Ukrainian companies, who has ratified the compensation from the Russian government, which allegedly re-revealed the Crimea Republic of Russia and the 2014 2014 Russian Federation. Consequently damaged.
The court did not express the second details of the case, but the Justice Ministry told Russian news agency that Ukraine's interests are more than $ 140 million.
The study of the statement of the Justice Ministry reads: "The Russian Federation has not accepted the above decision because the court of arbitration is beyond the judiciary, allowing this case to be viewed."
Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Moscow did not consider itself in a process and therefore there was no intention of governing the rulers. He said that in this court Russia was not represented in any way, we have not been sent to our representatives in this process and therefore, we do not consider ourselves in a matter of this case.
Russia has faced mass compensation claims in Hague mediation court. After the 2014 decision, Russia had demanded to pay US $ 50 billion for the shares of Yokos Oil Company, resulting in the destruction of the end and big tax after their founder and key owner Mikhail Khadokovskiy. The prisoner
The 2014 governors have temporarily temporarily freed some of the Russian assets, including a land plan, which is located in a new Orthodox Church in Paris, and Eurozews is part of Moscow in the TV channel.
Moscow appealed that decision, also claimed that the decision was not within the scope of the court. In the middle of 2016, Russia appealed and the end of 2017, former Yokos's shareholders completely eliminated their claim and independent measures were taken on Russia's property.
Source: Russia Today

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