Thursday, January 10, 2019

Russia reminds America about relations between Russia and Chinese forces with Russia, much more

With both the US and West thrown into storm with Russia and China, Beijing and Moscow are deeply looking forward to the two-way cooperation. And it will include preparation on military front.
The year's Moscow International Security Conference has made a big pattern from the norm this year, as Chinese Defense Minister V. Feng presented a very important fact to the West.
Russia has visited China as the new defense minister of Russia to show the world to promote the world to strengthen our bilateral relations and strengthen the strength of our armed forces to strengthen strategic cooperation. "We told his Russian counterparts, Sergey Shivo.
But the Chinese official was just hot.
China and Russia have come close to China about close ties between China and Russia's Russian and Chinese armed forces, especially in this situation. "We've helped you."
Many important aspects of V. mention that the comment deserves. First of all, it was no coincidence that he was elected as China's new defense minister abroad abroad as his visit. Since the end of the Soviet Union in 1991, Moscow and Beijing have enjoyed massive and potentially potential and practical relationships based on economic and strategic concerns. In relation to the signing of the 2014 strategic partnership by China's President Zingingen, 'special relationship' spread among the powerful powers.
"We want to be afraid of Russia?" Wrote in his book, "I am going to be afraid of Russia." China and Russia, however, their relations can be strong and united.
Training was emphasized that such a partnership would not be based on the principles of any US rule, but many players agreed.
"The Granter Eurosia, which is building, will not run from the single center". "[T] Heritage's continent interior will become the goal of limiting the power of the United States to a large extent in the continent and in the world."
Wave, mutually interrupted with China's diplomatic protocol, which is usually more commonly commonly commonly. China - Referring to "Americans" regarding Russian military cooperation. This tells a lot about Washington's current mood from Washington and the West, and nothing can be considered as a positive positive.
Lastly, mentioning "close ties" between the armed forces of the two countries, V. shot a warning in the western world's threads. Seeing the current geographical facts, whatever statement or pink, the statement loaded should not be surprised.
Gao Fu, a professor of Russian study of the Chinese Foreign Affairs University told the Global Times, "China and Russia are not only promoting close ties due to their previous good cooperation, but also due to changes in international environment." Western countries are putting pressure on Russia and America, China is proving to be a commercial war. "
Indeed, the Moscow Security Conference was inaugurated in the same week, Washington announced that it would target $ 50 billion in US $ 50 billion in the U.S. market, with which 25 per cent of Chinese exports with tariff exports it will have to be done. Beijing said it would reply to the administration of the Tramp that hiking tariffs on various types of American products.
In any case, between a dramatic TimeTet road between Beijing and Washington can only be introduced to a large event for a big event. Last month, China announced that it will begin to pay with Ren Menby, or 'Parrurooun', which is definitely considering taking some of the seeds in the United States that US dollars have long been able to deal with oil agreements. There is enough currency to solve. .
Obviously, it will probably take years and potentially do not give a real challenge to the US dollar rules for China Petrol. At the same time, Beijing has not forgotten cruel fate that was awaiting the countries who did not pass more prohibited dollars than Libya and Iraq.
Although the United States will strongly emphasize the threat of fully destructive military conflict with China on petrol, at the same time it can not be denied the existence of US presence around China, Asia's siege Accordingly, the dramatically increased in the last decade.
According to Diploma, Beijing has proved to be a strong binding due to the misuse of US forces naturally in terms of influence of China, and it has "increased the military budget, its military equipments" Has forced to increase and improve its army. "
Certainly, China and Russia are holding joint military exercises for more than a decade; they have marine exercises in 2012 with the combined Navy drill for the first time in the Baltic Sea in July. Started.
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