Thursday, January 10, 2019

Russian lawmakers emphasize Putin's address was a peace and negotiation call

Before Russia's western explanations before the Parliament's shelter, many members of Russia explained the strength of Russia, explaining the power of Russia. He said that the goal was pushing peace, equality and justice.

Constantine Koswich, head of Upper House's Foreign Relations Committee, told RT that the Parliamentary Address submitted by Vladimir Putin on Friday could take part in Putin 's 2007 historical speech in Munich.

"As soon as Munich's speech was misleading as an aggressive and anxiety, the analysts will find messages in the message that will again be presented as a offensive and defensive country," the Center said.
"It is definitely not a matter because Putin was very clear on the message that Russia does not threaten any country, Russia does not challenge any country and Russia has its national interests in any country," Kosovo said. But will not force it. "
The Center pointed out that Russia has invited Western countries to negotiate negotiations for years and decades without any proper response to the US and its allies. He then hoped that the international community would focus on Putin's latest statements and eventually find some "opportunity windows" because collective efforts are the only source for dealing with common risks.
Senator Aleksey Pushkov commented in comments in RT RT, he thought that the international community of Putin's address was clearly evident: "Do not even think of using any kind of weapon against Russia and There is no tolerance about the power of Russia. In the military field. "
Pushkov said that some circles in the United States have tried to calm down by calling "weak regional power" but the offer offered by the Russian President has clearly clarified that the weakness of Russia There was no explanation about.
However, the Center also emphasized that the power of demonstration was not the target of threatening. Putin proposed to develop the strategic strategy of the strategic siege, as well as to develop new strategies for making American weapons that could overcome Russian strategic nuclear capabilities.
"They say it's meaningless, you will not get anything, so we sit and talk. I am absolutely sure that now we will see a secret response from the media on the mass media of America, but It is important to emphasize that there is a second part of Putin's message. It's not just a display of our skills, it's also a offer. "Talking to RT told Pishkov.
President Vladimir Putin provided an address to the Russian Federal Assembly on Thursday. The joint meeting of the two chambers of the Russian parliament called President on a wide range of issues, demanded to touch the economy, social situation and environmental issues, but Russia, which caused the most serious reaction from the audience and media. Describe the latest weapon, which was full of 3D graphic offers. Putin said that this demonstration was not only a threat nor was wrong, but tried to solve the contradictions by interacting with each other instead of stabilizing military forces to control Western powers.

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