Thursday, January 10, 2019

Surveys show, after the Helicopter Summit Improve Russian behavior of American relations

The Helicopter's recent Putin summit has made slight reforms in the average Russian opinion at the average level of Russian-American relations, but its overall level is less than just a year ago.
Russia's opinion poll agency VTSIOM in a new survey, researchers asked that the current level of Russian-US relations estimated - 100 to 100 and then after compositing a combined index . Positive responses were answered negatively in a negative response.
Their received figures were 772 points, which is slightly lower than 74 points in the beginning of July. However, it was still less than a year earlier - in July 2017, Parameters 44 points.
"Negative evaluation still prevails over Russian public opinion." 39 percent respondents described tensions between two countries and 29% as cold. Only words and friendship between 1 and 2% of Russians As mentioned, "reads the comments issued by the VTSIOM agency.
15% respondents said that relations between Russia and America are enemies and 8% - in general and quietly.
When the United States and its policies were asked to explain, 86 percent of the Russians described it as "a country that has interrupted the affairs of other countries." "75 percent called" aggressive "and 68 percent more neutral term" Ba effect ".
On the positive side, 76% of the Russians noted the level of American science and research, 57% - high quality standards, 37 percent of the democratic nature of American society and 12% American state confidence.
"The internal contradictions between our countries were very deep and Donald Trap had so absorbed his internal political problems that there was no successful success in the Helicopter Summit. VERY FDD, General Director of VTSI commented in the comment What is the fact that Russia's people today are very realistic in the idea of ​​controlling the West with the possibility of control over the West.
"However, in the election also shows that if the two presidents work hard, it will get serious support in the Russian society."
Russian President Vladimir Putin met his American counterpart Donald Tampamp in the Helicopter July 16. It was the first meeting of both the leaders who faced extensive problems. China, "in words of the trump.

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