Sunday, February 3, 2019

Animal protection

Vladimir Putin appreciates watching creatures in their regular living space and partaking in logical undertakings. He is Chairman of the Russian Geographical Society's Board of Trustees, and is effectively occupied with the security of uncommon species by managing the particular projects. The creature species under his own support are the Amur tiger, white whale, polar bear and snow panther. 

Vladimir Putin went into the taiga with a gathering of researchers to see a tigress that had been gotten in a snare. 

"I am profoundly awed by the very mission of the Russian Geographical Society: "To move individuals to cherish Russia." This demonstrates the craving to encourage the Russian open and the whole world find Russia's magnificence, decent variety and creativity, and to show its bona fide picture. I welcome the chance to partake by and by in crafted by the Russian Geographical Society, helping execute its amazing, important tasks," Putin said. 

In August 2008, Putin visited the Ussuri Nature Reserve and put a neckline with a satellite tracker on an Amur tiger. He likewise partook in a logical campaign to consider the beluga whale. In the mid year of 2009, when he was in the Khabarovsk Territory, Putin put a neckline with a GLONASS satellite tracker on the beluga whale named Dasha. In April 2010, amid an outing to Franz Josef Land, he joined an undertaking of researchers considering and reestablishing the number of inhabitants in polar bears in the Arctic . In 2011, Vladimir Putin supported the snow panthers look into program.

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